Friday, 14 May 2010

Parliament Square Guerilla Gardening

A few people at the Democracy Village on Parliament Square have decided that Parliament Square in Westminster is in need of a make over.
So..... we are very happy to invite you to a Guerilla Gardening event to brighten up the square - this Saturday starting at 12 PM (with entertainment til late)
We want to transform the place into a beautiful and productive paradise, to let our government and everyone else know what kind of world we want to see.

If you can, please bring veggie or flower plants, seeds and food for a picnic. There will be music and an open mic (we've got a marquee if the weather turns wet!).

The Democracy Village started on May 1st by people who want to see changes along many issues, including peace, justice and freedom. This is direct democracy.

Directions: Westminster tube is 1 minute walk from the Square.

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