Friday, 10 September 2010

Democracy Rally Oct.9th Trafalgar Square

Democracy Rally Oct.9th Trafalgar Square

Network this democracy rally on october 9th at trafalgar sq. to all your networks reclaim the power, create the future we want to see.
Democracy means people power not rule by the corporations and banks and those who create the money and send us into illegal wars for resources,when there is a near infinite supply of renewable energy.
Come to this mass peoples assembly then set one up in your area for real direct democracy by the people for the people.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Appeal to Supreme Court

Several of the defendants are appealing the decision to evict Democracy village.
Appeal applications to the Supreme Court must be in by August 30th.
The current basis for the appeal include failure to enforce the Laws of War,breaches of the European convention for Human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Articles 6,7,9,10,11,14,17 and 18.Also appeal on the grounds of Judicial misconduct.
The Legal battle continues.
For info on the Laws of War check

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Peoples Assembly recipe.Network it.

This received a consensus from the Peoples Assembly on Saturday 7th August 2010.

meeting at Victoria Gardens next to Parliament every Saturday.

Within the Gorssed of Tot Hill Ancient place of Free Speech


Discussion Forum on the Future.

At the Climate Summit Copenhagen 2009 many International networks called for Peoples Assemblies to be set up throughout 2010 to discuss and take action for a sustainable future.

Start a People's Assembly in your area.

Network The Peoples Assembly (PA) on all the networks you can.

  • Meet at a chosen location regularly.(Location can move periodically as well.)

  • Form a big circle of people.

  • Introduction round- names of people and groups- items to put on the agenda- suggestions for smaller circles/working groups.

  • Choose a Facilitator and a notetaker.

  • Report back ideas from the previous meeting.

  • Have a focalised discussion on the agenda.

  • Break into smaller circles on different topics, mini meetings and a working groups

  • Feedback from all the small circles to the main circle

  • Type up notes and action points (who's going to do what and when)

  • Note well for clarity and focus alchohol should not be brought to the circle.

  • Plan an action.

  • Do the action (optional and can be done after the assembly for Peace, the environment ,local community etc this helps to keep the focus on action as well as discussions.)

All are Welcome at the Peoples Assemblies,it is an inclusive/non partisan and circular /non hierachical organising structure.

For a better future for all.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Peoples Assembly This Sat 24th next to parliament.

Peoples Assembly Discussion Forum on the Future. This Sat 24th July 1pm -6 pm in Victoria Tower Gardens the park next to parliament.

The Spirit of the democracy village rises from the ashes of eviction.
Even though they may strike us down we will become more powerfull than they can possibly imagine.
There will be a large introduction circle then breaking into a few smaller group circles to discuss whatever is suggested by the people;issues could be such as
-Peace and reconciliation and the War,
-Direct action,
-Civil liberties,
-Sustainable futures and renewable energy,
-electoral reform,
-land reform or redistribution
- Climate Crisis
anything the people in the circle want to form a smaller circle or focus/working group on.

The Key will be to take notes from each circle that will then feedback to the main circle when it reconvenes.The notes can then be emailed out to all our networks ,media and any concerned groups.
This will begin a constant process of Peoples Assemblies/ Discussion Forums on the future ( as called for at the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009) that will inspire others to set up assemblies in their areas to discuss and put into action Peace and a Sustainable future for all.
There will also during the afternoon be an opportunity to redecorate the green fence around parliament square with bamnners ,displays ,info, and calls for Peace.
Network it.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Reply to the Evening standards claim we are a Sewer Camp

The evening standard claims that the camp is a sewer,a small amount of rubbish and that is binned and collected regularly and some dryed grass,we have requested temporary toilets on numerous occasions.
What is this compared to what one UN official said about Baghdad affected by the pre war sanctions that it was an 'open sewer', due to not being able to get parts for water treatment plants.This was before the mass destruction of the illegal invasion.

They do not like the landless and homeless the dispossessed of westminster and london camped visibly in front of politicians, as well as peace campaigners against an illegal war for resources.If they do not like it then maybe they should not support illegal invasions into other countries to grab oil and gas for the corporate multinationals.Unnecesary wars when we could be using clean renewable and infinite energy sources.
Maybe they could give the homeless/landless/disposessed some of the million empty buildings in the UK. Or provide some of the 75% of the land owned by 5% of the population to be turned into sustainable eco villages and projects.Or should we just empower ourselves to Reclaim these spaces and share them out to create a sustainable future.We want Land and spaces for homes and eco villages/projects,Freedom, giving our civil liberties back and a sustainable Future for all.

The real reason for the war in Afghanistan is the Unocal gas pipeline that was threatened on the Taliban back in 2001. A carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs was threatened by U.S. officials when they flew a delegation of the Taliban to Texas in August 2001 (before 9-11).

Boris and co ,Malcolm Rifkind and the editor of the evening standard claim it is an eyesore, to this we say look at the picture of a depleted uranium baby with eyes slipped across the face and grossly swollen hands and feet, this is the most grotesque eyesore known to man.
Time to wake up and stop these illegal wars through non violent action,civil disobedience and non co-operation with a government that continues to ignore the majority of its population who want an end to the war and the troops to come home, Peace.

Check our websites or or democracyvillage facebook for future mass civil disobedience and non co-operation actions and also for the pictures of depleted uranium babies soon.Follow this link for images of depleted uranium babies if u dare or care then take action.
Hard images to stomach but the reality for many Iraqi mothers facing this low level nuclear radiation across their land and water supplies. campaign against depleted uranium.
What we need is Peace and reconciliation, and to start to rebuild a sustainable future for all.
We do not need to fight over dwindling energy resources when there is a near infinite supply of energy available through renewable resources,time to open our eyes into the potential of a sustainable 21st century.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Peaceniks Piknik - Garden Party in Parliament Square Gardens

This is an invite to the Peaceniks Piknik on Wednesday 14th July at 7pm at Democracy Village, Parliament Square Gardens.

We'll be serving tea and cakes, providing some entertainment form local street performers and perhaps a couple of special guests and discussing the way forwards for the Peace, Justice and Freedom movement that's been occupying this important space in the heart of Westmonster.

If you've got some special talents to share, or know someone who has, please come and do a turn for the gathering.

Otherwise, feel free to bring some food and (non-alcoholic) drink of your own, a friend or two and some bright ideas on how we can move forwards in bringing Peace, Love and Unity to our benighted land.

Thursday, 8 July 2010 article


The Democracy Village occupation in Parliament Square (see SchNEWS 728) had a High Court ruling against them on Tuesday (29th) to vacate by 4pm today (2nd). However, minutes before, solicitors for the village managed to lodge an appeal, giving a reprieve for a fortnight.

They’re appealing on grounds that the ownership of the land is far from clear-cut - and the judge had bent the law to give Boris Johnson and the GLA the right to evict.

The camp are launching Operation Rolling Thunder, an ongoing programme of non-violent direct action. They want people to come and do their own actions, to help with the site, keep it tidy and maintain the gardens.

After the appeal was lodged, the village – surrounded by press – took the protest off the square later in the afternoon and moved towards parliament. Two managed to climb onto the lawns at the front of the Houses of Common, and managed to stay for 20 minutes before being nicked. Meanwhile a group of about 40 – and these numbers were more than doubled by participating tourists, as well as press, spilled out onto the road and blocked the road outside the Commons for up to an hour.

The protesters then left and moved up towards Downing St. Whitehall was blocked for 15 minutes leading to eleven arrests for obstruction.

Further civil disobedience is planned – and all are welcome to get involved. Those with experience in direct action are particularly welcome.

* See and or see Facebook site

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Rolling Thunder video

After the court proved that the Judiciary is not independant in this country a mass wave of civil disobedience and non violent direct action begins
Great video of yesterdays action beginning operation rolling thunder

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Operation Rolling Thunder

Today the judgement was given in the high court the judge granted a possesion order and injunction denying many of our European rights,Ancient rights and also radically changing common law allowing someone who was not the owner ,bomber boris johnson and the GLA to apply for possesion

There is NO JUSTICE, JUST US ,especially when the judge would not accept full expert witness from Chris Coverdale the foremost expert in the land on the laws of war.
Who was trying to explain these illegal wars for resources are breaking at least 6 International laws and treaties.Also that it is the duty of all concerned citizens to resist this illegal war for resources that has removed many of our civil Liberties.

The judgement was covered by much media increasing the debate about the war.
Following on from this UNJUST judgement activists and concerned citizens from the democracy village decided to take Non violent direct action around 5 pm.Launching Operation 'Rolling Thunder'

Around 12 people crossed the road with peace banners and walked straight in through the main gates of Westminster, 2 bold citizens ran 100ft into the grassed area behind the gate and after a little run around were arrested for trespass.
The other 10 did a sit down protest with banners 20ft inside the gate which took a surprised police presence about 15 minutes to bundle out the side gate without arresting them.They then continued to block the smaller side gate and managed to turn away 2 official cars from the main gates.This blockade continued until 9.30 pm when police reluctantly arrested 4 more maybe for obstruction?.
This brought the total number arrested to around 29 over the last 8 weeks of constant action.
Direct action meetings have been held at 1pm at the camp each day and shall continue.

This brave action by some of the regular village crew helped to launch 'Operation Rolling Thunder'
a mass call out to all Peace and activist groups to come on whatever day they can over the coming weeks and months and engage in imaginative non violent direct action and support of the Peoples assembly/Democracy Village.The first waves are tired and it is essential that many other groups take up the baton of resistance.

Come for a few hours or days whatever u or your group can do bring food and equipment for action,help on the welcome desk,do some tidying patrol or water the garden or if u up for it,bring a banner and climb high ring the media,bring your climbing gear,tools d-locks ,chains n locks,megaphones,cameras, blockade an entrance,picket a government department,make some noise,network and give out information.Become a relentless networker for Peace.
All are welcome old and new, many minds are with us, Now is the moment of Power,Reclaim the Power.
This is a call out to all Peace and active groups,this is the best opportunity the Peace/Anti War movement has had for the last 9 years.Take action Keep Networking Please forward to all your networks. Operation Rolling Thunder is GO

Monday, 28 June 2010



Democracy Village and the camp which has occupied Parliament Square since Mayday is into the second week of the High Court battle – Democracy Village vs Boris Johnson (who wrongly assumed he had default power over the square – see SchNEWS 727). The judge will decide next Tuesday whether to issue a possession order to the GLA London council and, if that goes ahead, bailiffs could arrive for an eviction within days. In the 6-8 weeks there’s been over 20 arrests including those for direct action rooftop banner drops and three arrests for climbing parliament.

The village are arguing on various fronts to win the case, including the need to have a public space and forum to discuss unlawful govt actions, such as illegal military adventures. Then there’s four European human rights convention laws about freedom of expression, free assembly, religion and the right to legally question govt activites; Also the fact that traditionally, the land around Westminster Abbey was a mound which was the site of the Gorsedd of Tothill, a place of free speech,discussion, bardery, and festivities, enshrined by the statute of Richard I “Lionheart” in 1189, ratified by parliament in 1858 (Mostyn Manuscript) and never repealed.

There is still a call out to come to the square, and there will continue to be the regular events, including the talking circle on Wednesdays at 7pm, poetry and music from 5pm on Fridays, and the Peoples’ Assembly on Saturdays at 5pm. The whole camp is in fact a peoples’ assembly - a discussion forum - which became known as Democracy Village. It has side-stepped SOCPA laws (see SchNEWS 612) by saying it is a discussion not a protest. Even if there is an eviction, nothing can stop the continuation of peoples’ assemblies if it’s new people or those not named on injunctions.

The court case which began on June 14th has been a lopsided battle between an unsympathetic judge – backed of course by extreme political weight – versus 19 uppity and up-for-it defendants aided by some top human rights lawyers and supporters. The judge got so pissed off with the defendants after being vigorously questioned about common law , and being reminded of state war crimes, he declared that the public would no longer be allowed in, only the defendants and the press.

He also disallowed an expert on war legalities Chris Coverdale – because he’s not a lawyer, even though he has spoken on government committees (War and the Law) for up to 7 years. But Monday (21st) saw star witness Tony Benn, who came out for the village and their right to hold the government to account, saying it was ‘an integral part of the democratic process’.

As an interim measure the GLA have allowed tents at the Great George Street corner on the paving – on a license for an undefined period - so this could go on for some time yet.
So it’s not over yet: it needs new people - bring food, tea, tents, climbing gear, cake, skills to share and good vibes. If a possession order is issued next Tuesday, look out for call-outs to help defend the village, and make plans for the future.

* See and or see Facebook site. Site mobs 07981877462, 07722444146

* This Tuesday (22nd) saw a day of actions at the square against the austerity measures which will effect the poor not the war effort, and Ed Milliband was confronted about whether he voted for the Iraq War – which he refused to respond to, as he was whisked off by a minder to avoid some activists who wanted to citizens arrest him for war crimes.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cut the War

It appears those kindly folk from Meltdown (, who brought you both this year's mayday carnival and last year's G20 demo, have organised some shenanigans against the emergency budget this Tuesday, under the general banner of "Cut the War".


On June 22nd, the con-dem government will reveal an emergency Budget, cutting our public services, our NHS, our public transport, our education... we say cut the war! If our oppressive occupation of Afghanistan were ended, the cuts we face now would not be necessary.

So, on June 22nd, come down to Parliament Square at 12 midday for a mass direct action to resist this attack on our services. Millions of us rely on them on a daily basis.

Bring banners, placards and signs.


In the last few hours, the so called "grand plan" has been revealed in a post on the "Cut the War" website:

Mr Osborne is planning to reveal his emergency budget at 12:30pm, so some time between midday and then "pixies" will mysteriously block the road in front of Parliament, unfurling zebra crossings, to allow pedestrian access to Parliament Square for the first time ever. It has been rumoured that there may be a large snail attempting to use this crossing, further holding up traffic.

At 12:30, Rave Against the Machine will move a sound system in to the road up Whitehall, near the SWP protest, blocking the road and holding a party against the cuts!

Also at 12:30, several more naughty pixies will blockade parliament with their bodies, physically preventing the budget from entering parliament. There are also unconfirmed rumours of a rolling roadblock on Westminster bridge.

It can also be revealed that banners will be dropping from buildings left, right and centre, courtesy of those lovely people at Democracy Village (

So come down to Democracy Village at midday this Tuesday (22nd), and show the Con-Dem'd government real people power. That budget gets into parliament over our dead bodies!

Peace and Love, cut the war!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Peoples Assembly This and Every Saturday

Peoples assembly this and every sat 5pm at parliament square.
There will be a peoples assembly discussion forum on the future this and every Saturday 5 pm for now, time may vary.

Many networks from Copenhagen activist,NGO and indigenous have called for peoples assemblies to be set up worldwide through June and ongoing into 2010.

This is part of operation ghost a plan to create peoples events at parliament square on many nights of the week that can continue even if the authorities evict the tents of democracy village.

Fridays from 5 pm there is a poetry singing and music circle.more events to be announced soon.
The spirit of the democracy village will continue. You cannot stop an idea.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Democracy Village Activist Reclaims Parliament Plinth

At approximately 9:30 this morning an activist from the Democracy Village scaled one of the plinths outside Parliament with a sign reading "How can armed force create peace in the Middle East?". With the death toll of British forces approaching 300 and the number of Afghan civilians killed in the tens if not hundreds of thousands, it's time to end the war and bring our troops home. 77% of the British public wish to see an end to the senseless bloodshed.

The Democracy Village is a collective of campaigners and activists calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan and solutions to other global human rights and environmental issues. We have been occupying Parliament Square since the 1st of May and are in the middle of an eviction court case with the Greater London Authority.

Democracy Village are calling on, activists, campaigners, networkers, bloggers, film makers and photographers to join us on our campaign to make the world a safer place for everyone. Grab a tent, sleeping bag, paint, banner material and JOIN US!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Democracy Village v the Major

If the Major of London succeds in obtaining an injunction from the High Court enforcing the byelaws coverin Parliament Square Gardens it will apply to everyone in London regardless of their age,sex,race,religion or nationality. By strolling,sitting or lying on the grass in the company of one or more members of Democracy Village without first having obtained permission in writing from the Major and the Metropolitan Police you breach the byelaws,commit a criminal offence and become liable to imprisonment and to hafe your assets seized. We welcome visitors to Democracy Village but please be aware that should you speak to one of us whilst you are in Parliament Square Gardens,you not only breach the byelaws but you violate the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and become liable to arrest and punishment. Our presence in Parliament Square Gardens is an important democratic right.We are here because we are ashamed that our Parliament,Goverment,armed forces,judiciary,major,police and Queen are taking part in unlawfull wars with Afghanistan and Iraq.In nine years our leaders have killed 1.2m innocent civilians,including 400,000 children,injured and maimed 2.5m and driven 5m into exile and destitution.These atrocities are the worst in British history so why are Parliament,the British Goverment and our law enforcement authorities so determined to continue?They must be stopped. We are determined to remain here and to take non-violent direct action to force our political,civil and military leaders to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,stop the killings,recall the troops,prosecute war criminals and reform the system so that Britain is never again involved in war crimes or the unlawful use of armed force.Please help us by joining or supporting us and making your personal stance on the unlawful use of armed force known to Parliament and the British Goverment.The Members of Democracy Village 15 June 2010(This Statement represend not every single member of the Democracy Village,only people how have attended the workshop)


Street Artist "Stik" Visits the Village

Street Artist "Stik" visited the camp yesterday leaving his mark on one of the tents. The renowned street artist left his signature stik figures on 3 sides of a tent at the back of the camp. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the artists work all you need to do is take a stroll around Brick Lane and it won't be long until you bump into one of his masterpieces.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Peoples Assembly/Democracy Village call out and update.

Peoples Assembly/Democracy Village call out and update.

Big call out going out to all the networks for experienced activists,facilitators, networkers,community creators,skillsharers,people with time to help build this movement for a better future.

The Debate on the future continues at Parliament Square.The Peace camp in the center of London has been growing,

The latest update on the Legal situation is the next court case is to held on Mon and Tues 14th /15th June with a third day of the hearing to be set as the fri 18th or else a day or days in the next week or when the court has time for a 3-5 day trial.
High Courts of Justice The Strand Holborn tube.Come and support.
The Judge at the last hearing said that The Mayor and the GLA did not any have a specific power to remove the Camp.
This rests upon the legal fact that only the owner with clear title deed can take someone to court.The GLA is not the owner,on paper it is the Queen and the Crown estate,
This ancient place of the British people has been used for gatherings to make laws and enshrines the Ancient Lore of Free Speech.Ref Gorsedd of Tot Hill and Tot Hill fair.Google and wikki them.

This fri and every friday from 5 pm there will be poetry and song,from those who gather in the circle.continuing the Ancient tradition of song,storytelling bardery and Free Speech.That have been held on this ancient spot since time Immemorial.

This Saturday 12th June at 5 pm and every Saturday there will be a Peoples Assembly to focus the Discussion Forum on the Future that has been created on the square over the last 6 weeks.Note that last year a call was put out by many of the networks from Copenhagen (Activist,Indigenous and NGO ) for Peoples Assemblies to be set up across the World to discuss the environment and the future.We have just started to receive reports of similar events being set up in other countries,more news as we get it.

The Democracy Village contains many individuals and groups that have have a diversity of opinions ,but have a consensus on the aim for Peace and the troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan.The issues which we campaign for are diverse e.g. Peace, an end to the war in Afghanistan, Climate Justice, Civil Liberties, Land Reform, Electoral Reform and much more. We are unified in our desire for change.

Big call out going out to all the networks for experienced activists,facilitators, networkers,community creators,skillsharers,techies, gardeners,people with time to help build this movement for a better future.
The camp has continued despite some of the best efforts of the authorities and some biased media.
on the whole the media coverage has been fairly good and been getting the message out about Peace and the Troops being pulled out of Afghanistan.
There was an interesting fairly good article in the New York times two days ago.We have already been covered by Times ,Telegraph,Sun ,Mail,Guardian,Evening Standard,Morning Star,Several International papers,BBC, ITN,London Tonight,Channel 4,World Service,Al Jazeera, China Tv, several Arabic news services,Reuters ,National news Agency Associated Press,Press Association and many ,many more.
This all helps to accelelerate the debate on Peace and reconcilliation,and how we can rebuild the Future Together.

There are many campaigns,marchs demos and actions that come through the square regularly,come get involved.
There is a Candle Lit Vigil for those who have died in Conflict every evening at 10 pm outside no.10 Downing Street.
There are morning and evening meetings at 10 am and 7pm.
Come and get involved :This is what Democracy looks like.
The Peoples Assembly a Discussion Forum on the Future is an idea whose time has come.
As one of the villagers para phrased "you cant stop and idea"

Keep Networking.
democracyvillage face book

Sunday, 30 May 2010

This coming week's events and workshops

This coming week is full of fun, action, events and workshops:

Rhythms of Resistance are coming down on Monday 31st May at 7pm

Spiritual workshop and meditation (tbc)

Direct Action workshop (tbc)

Squatting workshop (tbc)

Tae Kwon Do workshop (tbc)

Tai Chi workshop (tbc)

Language workshop (tbc)

There's a Film night in the pipeline where we want to show some educational, informative and inspirational films. We may need a battery. If anyone has a spare battery or knows someone who does and wouldn't mind coming down to the Democracy Village and helping us out for a few hours then it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A Peace Vigil (tbc)

We have our Court Case on Thursday 3rd June at 10.30am in The High Court of Justice. GLA (Greater London Authority), who manage Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square, asked Boris Johnson to take the issue of us occupying the Square to the High Court and permission was granted. We do not know what will happen but believe it is our Human Right to gather and hold a People's Assembly, discussion and ideas / skill sharing in this open space. Please come down to the High Court of Justice on 3rd June at 10.30am to show your support for freedom of speech if you can and let others know. The more the merrier :-)

Activities within the camp

We will create a healing, wellbeing, counselling area on site for residents and visitors alike to come, relax, rejuvenate and take a break from the busy-ness of life.

We will set up a recycling area for plastics, glass, metal, cans and cardboard. Please email any ideas to or come down and get involved.

We will also construct a new compost toilet for solid waste using palettes, buckets, sawdust. Again if you have any ideas about compost toilets, please could you send them to the above email address or alternatively come along.


Peace, Love and Light...You are Divine, let your light shine bright


Links to articles, pictures and videos about the Democracy Village


I tried to upload all the pictures and videos of events, meetings, workshops and day to day life at the Democracy Village directly onto the blogspot but was unable to do so; so instead I have compiled all the links here together to other sites that contain everything. Alot of the pictures and videos are great and will give you a better view of the place; however coming down to Parliament Square and checking it out for yourself will give you the true sense of community spirit. Hope this is useful and you enjoy seeing how it evolved into the beautiful, welcoming, all encompassing, ideas/skill sharing, creative space that it is today.




Ok hope that helped.

Until next time..

Peace, Love and Light..You are Divine, let your light shine bright


An overview of the past month at Democracy Village

Hey everyone,

I just want to apologize for the slowness in updating the's been busy, busy, busy down at Democracy Village. We have been re-arranging and tidying up the camp, creating a warm, inviting, welcome area at the front, planting more vegetables in our peace garden, doing direct action in and around Westminster, holding different workshops and classes, growing and expanding each day. I will be uploading pictures and videos on here soon showing everything that has been going on whilst we've been on the Square; but right now I will map out the sequence of events over the course of the month. Apologies..this may be a long blog, but I want everyone to know the latest. Here's a quick list of what is in this blog so you can scroll down to whatever takes your fancy:

*Background information on The Democracy Village
*Peace Festival and activities
*Guerilla Gardening Event
*The Queen's State Opening of Parliament
*Direct Action
*Groups that protested on or around Parliament Square whilst we have been here

Background information on The Democracy Village

We have been occupying Parliament Square now since May 1st. There were only a few of us back then but now the camp consists of around 30-40 people from different groups and genuinely concerned citizens about the current state of the world. We are a diverse community who try to live by our ideals, working together to bring about real change. We hold meetings everyday at 10am (camp duties) and 7pm (open to the public) where we discuss any immediate issues and find solutions to problems. Everyone is welcome to submit their topic of discussion to the daily agenda at the meetings and this way all voices are heard. We eat communally in a food circle in the peace garden and try to find time to relax through meditation, yoga, playing instruments, dancing, poi.

Peace Festival and activities 6.5.2010

We organised a Peace Festival at the Square on Election Day which attracted many people from all walks of life. The day was filled with fun, creativity, speakers (open mic), face painting, banner making. We made signs and banners calling for Peace and to bring the troops out of Afghanistan then we took to the streets, making our way down to the Media Camp at College Green where we were greeted by TV presenters, security and police. We were successful in sending out our message over the live broadcasts. Later we then proceeded to Downing Street with the dragon parade where we had police escorts there and back to camp. We had a wonderful time! (Pictures up soon)

Guerilla Gardening Event 15.5.2010

Next up we had our day of Guerilla Gardening, adding to the existing Oak Tree in the centre of the Square which was planted a few days prior to the event. Guerilla gardening is where you go out into your local community or any urban area and spontaneously dig and sow the land in order to restore diversity and bring a previously derelict site back to life or it can be done anywhere, even in window boxes. The choice is yours!

There was alot of excitement and anticipation in the air as we rushed around getting plants, vegetables, seeds and tools ready for the occasion. We all sat around in a circle carefully planning and discussing ideas about how we wanted to design the garden, based on permaculture methods. Once we had finalised the plan, which was to plant around the oak tree expanding out into wider circles, we carefully went around measuring and mapping out where the circles would be. We all stood at the ready, spade in one hand, plant in the other and on the signal dug small holes in which we gently placed geraniums, strawberries, peppers, sunflower seeds and trees into. This was very empowering!

Growing your own food and becoming self-sufficient is liberating because you free yourself from dependence on bland, mass-produced foods in supermarkets and instead nourish yourself and your family with fresh fruit and vegetables planted by your own hands. It's incredible..a wonderful experience. The gardening continued throughout the course of the day and is still ongoing. So if you have any spare plants or seeds that you would like to see in full bloom on Parliament Square then come down and "dig for victory" today. (Pictures up soon)

The Queen's State Opening of Parliament 25.5.2010

We were awoken at 6.30am by police activity on the camp: they were searching all the tents in order to look for any bombs or dangerous items ahead of the Queen's arrival at Parliament. They didn't find anything, once again proving that we are honest, peaceful citizens with nothing to hide. The whole Square was cordoned off whilst the day's events took place. There was a relaxed, festival atmosphere around the camp with small groups singing and playing acoustic instruments. A women's group was also set up to celebrate and embrace all that is feminine, as well as provide a healing, support network for women who live at and visit the Democracy Village (Pictures up soon).

Direct Action

Peaceful activists at the Democracy Village have been doing direct action everyday over the last few weeks but here are some instances that come to mind:

-Making a "peace poncho" for Churchill on 10.5.2010, which attracted alot of attention from the public, DSG, police and a mysterious, loud, aggressive guy who coincidentally worked in the Churchill Rooms at the War Museum. Firstly the DSG came and asked us to replace the previous cloak with a cleaner one because it was too "tatty", which we immediately did. We were then greeted by Community Support Police and The Met; by now Churchill was sporting his brand new spanking poncho which read: "Bring our soldiers home" on the front and "Troops home now" on the back. A crowd had also gathered by this time and with the activists respectfully refusing to strip Winston of his new garms, the constable had no other choice but to walk away. Later a journalist from The Sun came and reported on the event with a policeman climbing up onto the top of a van to remove Churchill's attire.

-Two concerned citizens ascended St Margaret's Church dropping banners: "Troops out" and "Time for Peace, bring our boys home" on 11.5.2010.

- Two comrades climbed the tree outside Downing Street with a message for our new Prime Minister: "Come on Dave, Time for Peace, Bring our Boys Home" on 12.5.2010.

-A peaceful protestor scaled the Treasury building with a sign saying: "Bring our Troops Home" on 20.5.2010.

-Three caring individuals climbed Westminster Abbey to send out their message to the world: "Soldiers Home, Please" on 20.5.2010. They spent 6 hours up there, after which they were approached by the police and carefully led back down.

-A citizen at the Democracy Village scaled the Houses of Parliament on the first day of its opening (26.5.2010) where he unfurled a banner reading: "We respect the soldiers, we do not support the war". He stayed up there for 5 hours and on coming down was arrested. So a group of us went to the front gates to "see him off" as it were, but ended up sitting down in front of both gates of Parliament, calling for Peace. We blocked any traffic from coming in or going out, which meant people could now walk past freely. We were in good spirits, singing and holding signs. After a few hours we were all arrested (about 10 of us) but remained peaceful and non-violent, expanding the circles of our love and compassion out to those around us, including the police, and ultimately to the whole world. It was a very powerful moment.

Groups that protested on or around Parliament Square whilst we have been here

Although we are occupying Parliament Square right now, we do not stop others from protesting here as well and welcome them to come, network, engage in discussions and send their messages out to the world. Groups who have protested on the Square whilst we have been here are the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND); Climate Camp Vigil; Take Back Parliament, who came onto the square after protesting outside the Houses of Parliament; the English Defence League (EDL), who marched up to Downing Street, around the square then down towards Victoria; a small group later came onto the square and attended our evening meeting; and the British Tamils who gathered on the square on 22.5.2010 to commemorate the first year of the mass genocide that is taking place in Sri Lanka. We respectfully moved our tents to the perimeter of the Square in order to give the Tamils space to protest. There was a powerful energy on the Square that day as we stood in solidarity with them. We welcome all to come and share their ideas, skills and visions.

Wow, it has only been a month but so much has happened during that time. Well I think you are pretty much up-to-date now. I will try my very best to stay on top of things from now on.

Ok until next time...

Peace, Love and Light..You are Divine, let your light shine bright


At the beginning - building our first a-frame structure

Just uploading some photos taken at the Democracy Village and here's one when the community was in its first stages. This was the first a-frame structure we built together from recycled materials which later became our kitchen. We also had a rocket stove at the time where we would do all the cooking and boil up water for tea. It was sooo exciting!

Democracy Village Declaration & Invitation

We are a group of concerned citizens who have gathered in Parliament Square in order to promote peace and bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. We want to let our government and the rest of the world know that we are deeply troubled by the way our country is being run, and the way our tax money and resources are wasted on illegal and inhumane wars.

There are many issues being campaigned for at the Democracy Village as our beliefs are diverse yet we are united in our desire for change. Therefore we strive to use this public land as an open forum where any issue can be discussed and all ideas represented. We want to raise awareness and promote original thought through discussion, outreach, workshops and people's assembly.

We are entirely non-violent but actively resist any attempt to suppress our rights of assembly and free speech. We will remain here until our aims are achieved.

We believe that big changes begin with local action and local action begins in your own front garden. That is why we have created this democratic, self-sufficient village directly in the front garden of our MPs, who continue to ignore our ongoing environmental, social and economic issues.

You are hereby invited to come along and get involved :-).


*Disclaimer: Due to the open nature and diverse beliefs of our democracy village, this text does not aim to reflect the opinions of every individual within our discussion forum.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism workshop, how to make outreach video reports with a mobile phone bring a video recording device to take part.

"create the world you want to see"

1-2 pm at Democracy Village 15th of May

Friday, 14 May 2010

A quick round-up of this week's events

Mon 10th May - The Democracy Villagers complete two compost toilets on Parliament Square and make a 'peace poncho' for Winston.

Tues 11th - Two concerned citizens ascend St Margaret's Church dropping banners "Troops Out" and "Time for Peace, Bring our boys home"

Wed 12th - Two comrades climb the tree outside Downing Street with a message for our new Prime Minister, "Come on Dave, Time for Peace, Bring our boys home"

Thurs 13th - The Welcome Area gets a makeover and angry housewives go on sex strike in Trafalgar Square!

Fri 14th - Preparations begin for tomorrow's big day of Guerilla Gardening and a weekend full of fun, action and activity

What is the Democracy Village?

New video from Hamish Campbell at visionOntv
Thanks to Billy Bragg for permission to use his song.

Parliament Square Guerilla Gardening

A few people at the Democracy Village on Parliament Square have decided that Parliament Square in Westminster is in need of a make over.
So..... we are very happy to invite you to a Guerilla Gardening event to brighten up the square - this Saturday starting at 12 PM (with entertainment til late)
We want to transform the place into a beautiful and productive paradise, to let our government and everyone else know what kind of world we want to see.

If you can, please bring veggie or flower plants, seeds and food for a picnic. There will be music and an open mic (we've got a marquee if the weather turns wet!).

The Democracy Village started on May 1st by people who want to see changes along many issues, including peace, justice and freedom. This is direct democracy.

Directions: Westminster tube is 1 minute walk from the Square.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mobile Phone reports from the camp

For more videos

Recent Statement

We are a group of concerned citizens who are coming together to call for Peace, Justice and Freedom.

The issues which we campaign for are diverse e.g. Peace, an end to the war in Afghanistan, Climate Justice, Civil Liberties, Land Reform, Electoral Reform and much more. We are unified in our desire for change and will remain here until our demands are met.

This is a creative space to discuss and put into action solutions for the future, such as community, self sufficiency and sustainability.

Everyone is welcome to come down, pitch up a tent and get involved :-)

Monday, 10 May 2010

May 15th Guerilla Gardening Event

We are very happy to invite you to a Guerilla Gardening event to brighten up Parliament Square - which is in desperate need of colourful flora.

The event will start at 12Noon where we will be guerilla gardening on Parliament Square. Please bring plants, flowers and picnic food. From 4pm there will be live music, an open mic, and a discussion forum.

We welcome you to join us at the village and campaign on any issue you care about.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Statement From The Democracy Village, Parliament Square, May 2nd

We, the concerned citizens of the Democracy Village on Parliament Square, demand on behalf of the majority of people that the war in Afghanistan is ended and the troops are brought home with immediate effect.

The Democracy Village calls all like-minded concerned citizens to come and join us. We are calling a Strike for Peace until our demands are met. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing presence on Parliament Square.

All are welcome to come and stay for a few hours, a day, or a night. Donations of food and equipment are very welcome. Bring a sleeping bag and tent if you plan to stay.

In this election, no major party has offered the choice to end this pointless war.

VOTE FOR PEACE by coming to the village today.

Email: for more info

Tuesday, 4 May 2010