Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Reply to the Evening standards claim we are a Sewer Camp

The evening standard claims that the camp is a sewer,a small amount of rubbish and that is binned and collected regularly and some dryed grass,we have requested temporary toilets on numerous occasions.
What is this compared to what one UN official said about Baghdad affected by the pre war sanctions that it was an 'open sewer', due to not being able to get parts for water treatment plants.This was before the mass destruction of the illegal invasion.

They do not like the landless and homeless the dispossessed of westminster and london camped visibly in front of politicians, as well as peace campaigners against an illegal war for resources.If they do not like it then maybe they should not support illegal invasions into other countries to grab oil and gas for the corporate multinationals.Unnecesary wars when we could be using clean renewable and infinite energy sources.
Maybe they could give the homeless/landless/disposessed some of the million empty buildings in the UK. Or provide some of the 75% of the land owned by 5% of the population to be turned into sustainable eco villages and projects.Or should we just empower ourselves to Reclaim these spaces and share them out to create a sustainable future.We want Land and spaces for homes and eco villages/projects,Freedom, giving our civil liberties back and a sustainable Future for all.

The real reason for the war in Afghanistan is the Unocal gas pipeline that was threatened on the Taliban back in 2001. A carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs was threatened by U.S. officials when they flew a delegation of the Taliban to Texas in August 2001 (before 9-11).

Boris and co ,Malcolm Rifkind and the editor of the evening standard claim it is an eyesore, to this we say look at the picture of a depleted uranium baby with eyes slipped across the face and grossly swollen hands and feet, this is the most grotesque eyesore known to man.
Time to wake up and stop these illegal wars through non violent action,civil disobedience and non co-operation with a government that continues to ignore the majority of its population who want an end to the war and the troops to come home, Peace.

Check our websites or or democracyvillage facebook for future mass civil disobedience and non co-operation actions and also for the pictures of depleted uranium babies soon.Follow this link for images of depleted uranium babies if u dare or care then take action.
Hard images to stomach but the reality for many Iraqi mothers facing this low level nuclear radiation across their land and water supplies. campaign against depleted uranium.
What we need is Peace and reconciliation, and to start to rebuild a sustainable future for all.
We do not need to fight over dwindling energy resources when there is a near infinite supply of energy available through renewable resources,time to open our eyes into the potential of a sustainable 21st century.

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