Thursday, 22 July 2010

Peoples Assembly This Sat 24th next to parliament.

Peoples Assembly Discussion Forum on the Future. This Sat 24th July 1pm -6 pm in Victoria Tower Gardens the park next to parliament.

The Spirit of the democracy village rises from the ashes of eviction.
Even though they may strike us down we will become more powerfull than they can possibly imagine.
There will be a large introduction circle then breaking into a few smaller group circles to discuss whatever is suggested by the people;issues could be such as
-Peace and reconciliation and the War,
-Direct action,
-Civil liberties,
-Sustainable futures and renewable energy,
-electoral reform,
-land reform or redistribution
- Climate Crisis
anything the people in the circle want to form a smaller circle or focus/working group on.

The Key will be to take notes from each circle that will then feedback to the main circle when it reconvenes.The notes can then be emailed out to all our networks ,media and any concerned groups.
This will begin a constant process of Peoples Assemblies/ Discussion Forums on the future ( as called for at the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009) that will inspire others to set up assemblies in their areas to discuss and put into action Peace and a Sustainable future for all.
There will also during the afternoon be an opportunity to redecorate the green fence around parliament square with bamnners ,displays ,info, and calls for Peace.
Network it.

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