Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cut the War

It appears those kindly folk from Meltdown (, who brought you both this year's mayday carnival and last year's G20 demo, have organised some shenanigans against the emergency budget this Tuesday, under the general banner of "Cut the War".


On June 22nd, the con-dem government will reveal an emergency Budget, cutting our public services, our NHS, our public transport, our education... we say cut the war! If our oppressive occupation of Afghanistan were ended, the cuts we face now would not be necessary.

So, on June 22nd, come down to Parliament Square at 12 midday for a mass direct action to resist this attack on our services. Millions of us rely on them on a daily basis.

Bring banners, placards and signs.


In the last few hours, the so called "grand plan" has been revealed in a post on the "Cut the War" website:

Mr Osborne is planning to reveal his emergency budget at 12:30pm, so some time between midday and then "pixies" will mysteriously block the road in front of Parliament, unfurling zebra crossings, to allow pedestrian access to Parliament Square for the first time ever. It has been rumoured that there may be a large snail attempting to use this crossing, further holding up traffic.

At 12:30, Rave Against the Machine will move a sound system in to the road up Whitehall, near the SWP protest, blocking the road and holding a party against the cuts!

Also at 12:30, several more naughty pixies will blockade parliament with their bodies, physically preventing the budget from entering parliament. There are also unconfirmed rumours of a rolling roadblock on Westminster bridge.

It can also be revealed that banners will be dropping from buildings left, right and centre, courtesy of those lovely people at Democracy Village (

So come down to Democracy Village at midday this Tuesday (22nd), and show the Con-Dem'd government real people power. That budget gets into parliament over our dead bodies!

Peace and Love, cut the war!

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