Monday, 14 June 2010

Democracy Village v the Major

If the Major of London succeds in obtaining an injunction from the High Court enforcing the byelaws coverin Parliament Square Gardens it will apply to everyone in London regardless of their age,sex,race,religion or nationality. By strolling,sitting or lying on the grass in the company of one or more members of Democracy Village without first having obtained permission in writing from the Major and the Metropolitan Police you breach the byelaws,commit a criminal offence and become liable to imprisonment and to hafe your assets seized. We welcome visitors to Democracy Village but please be aware that should you speak to one of us whilst you are in Parliament Square Gardens,you not only breach the byelaws but you violate the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and become liable to arrest and punishment. Our presence in Parliament Square Gardens is an important democratic right.We are here because we are ashamed that our Parliament,Goverment,armed forces,judiciary,major,police and Queen are taking part in unlawfull wars with Afghanistan and Iraq.In nine years our leaders have killed 1.2m innocent civilians,including 400,000 children,injured and maimed 2.5m and driven 5m into exile and destitution.These atrocities are the worst in British history so why are Parliament,the British Goverment and our law enforcement authorities so determined to continue?They must be stopped. We are determined to remain here and to take non-violent direct action to force our political,civil and military leaders to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,stop the killings,recall the troops,prosecute war criminals and reform the system so that Britain is never again involved in war crimes or the unlawful use of armed force.Please help us by joining or supporting us and making your personal stance on the unlawful use of armed force known to Parliament and the British Goverment.The Members of Democracy Village 15 June 2010(This Statement represend not every single member of the Democracy Village,only people how have attended the workshop)

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