Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Operation Rolling Thunder

Today the judgement was given in the high court the judge granted a possesion order and injunction denying many of our European rights,Ancient rights and also radically changing common law allowing someone who was not the owner ,bomber boris johnson and the GLA to apply for possesion

There is NO JUSTICE, JUST US ,especially when the judge would not accept full expert witness from Chris Coverdale the foremost expert in the land on the laws of war.
Who was trying to explain these illegal wars for resources are breaking at least 6 International laws and treaties.Also that it is the duty of all concerned citizens to resist this illegal war for resources that has removed many of our civil Liberties.

The judgement was covered by much media increasing the debate about the war.
Following on from this UNJUST judgement activists and concerned citizens from the democracy village decided to take Non violent direct action around 5 pm.Launching Operation 'Rolling Thunder'

Around 12 people crossed the road with peace banners and walked straight in through the main gates of Westminster, 2 bold citizens ran 100ft into the grassed area behind the gate and after a little run around were arrested for trespass.
The other 10 did a sit down protest with banners 20ft inside the gate which took a surprised police presence about 15 minutes to bundle out the side gate without arresting them.They then continued to block the smaller side gate and managed to turn away 2 official cars from the main gates.This blockade continued until 9.30 pm when police reluctantly arrested 4 more maybe for obstruction?.
This brought the total number arrested to around 29 over the last 8 weeks of constant action.
Direct action meetings have been held at 1pm at the camp each day and shall continue.

This brave action by some of the regular village crew helped to launch 'Operation Rolling Thunder'
a mass call out to all Peace and activist groups to come on whatever day they can over the coming weeks and months and engage in imaginative non violent direct action and support of the Peoples assembly/Democracy Village.The first waves are tired and it is essential that many other groups take up the baton of resistance.

Come for a few hours or days whatever u or your group can do bring food and equipment for action,help on the welcome desk,do some tidying patrol or water the garden or if u up for it,bring a banner and climb high ring the media,bring your climbing gear,tools d-locks ,chains n locks,megaphones,cameras, blockade an entrance,picket a government department,make some noise,network and give out information.Become a relentless networker for Peace.
All are welcome old and new, many minds are with us, Now is the moment of Power,Reclaim the Power.
This is a call out to all Peace and active groups,this is the best opportunity the Peace/Anti War movement has had for the last 9 years.Take action Keep Networking Please forward to all your networks. Operation Rolling Thunder is GO

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