Friday, 11 June 2010

Peoples Assembly/Democracy Village call out and update.

Peoples Assembly/Democracy Village call out and update.

Big call out going out to all the networks for experienced activists,facilitators, networkers,community creators,skillsharers,people with time to help build this movement for a better future.

The Debate on the future continues at Parliament Square.The Peace camp in the center of London has been growing,

The latest update on the Legal situation is the next court case is to held on Mon and Tues 14th /15th June with a third day of the hearing to be set as the fri 18th or else a day or days in the next week or when the court has time for a 3-5 day trial.
High Courts of Justice The Strand Holborn tube.Come and support.
The Judge at the last hearing said that The Mayor and the GLA did not any have a specific power to remove the Camp.
This rests upon the legal fact that only the owner with clear title deed can take someone to court.The GLA is not the owner,on paper it is the Queen and the Crown estate,
This ancient place of the British people has been used for gatherings to make laws and enshrines the Ancient Lore of Free Speech.Ref Gorsedd of Tot Hill and Tot Hill fair.Google and wikki them.

This fri and every friday from 5 pm there will be poetry and song,from those who gather in the circle.continuing the Ancient tradition of song,storytelling bardery and Free Speech.That have been held on this ancient spot since time Immemorial.

This Saturday 12th June at 5 pm and every Saturday there will be a Peoples Assembly to focus the Discussion Forum on the Future that has been created on the square over the last 6 weeks.Note that last year a call was put out by many of the networks from Copenhagen (Activist,Indigenous and NGO ) for Peoples Assemblies to be set up across the World to discuss the environment and the future.We have just started to receive reports of similar events being set up in other countries,more news as we get it.

The Democracy Village contains many individuals and groups that have have a diversity of opinions ,but have a consensus on the aim for Peace and the troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan.The issues which we campaign for are diverse e.g. Peace, an end to the war in Afghanistan, Climate Justice, Civil Liberties, Land Reform, Electoral Reform and much more. We are unified in our desire for change.

Big call out going out to all the networks for experienced activists,facilitators, networkers,community creators,skillsharers,techies, gardeners,people with time to help build this movement for a better future.
The camp has continued despite some of the best efforts of the authorities and some biased media.
on the whole the media coverage has been fairly good and been getting the message out about Peace and the Troops being pulled out of Afghanistan.
There was an interesting fairly good article in the New York times two days ago.We have already been covered by Times ,Telegraph,Sun ,Mail,Guardian,Evening Standard,Morning Star,Several International papers,BBC, ITN,London Tonight,Channel 4,World Service,Al Jazeera, China Tv, several Arabic news services,Reuters ,National news Agency Associated Press,Press Association and many ,many more.
This all helps to accelelerate the debate on Peace and reconcilliation,and how we can rebuild the Future Together.

There are many campaigns,marchs demos and actions that come through the square regularly,come get involved.
There is a Candle Lit Vigil for those who have died in Conflict every evening at 10 pm outside no.10 Downing Street.
There are morning and evening meetings at 10 am and 7pm.
Come and get involved :This is what Democracy looks like.
The Peoples Assembly a Discussion Forum on the Future is an idea whose time has come.
As one of the villagers para phrased "you cant stop and idea"

Keep Networking.
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